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I’m a fan of the blog Literary Rambles, a go-to site for all things related to children’s books and publishing from Casey McCormick and Natalie Aguirre. So what a nice surprise it was to zip through my Feeddler feed today to see the L.R. Agent Spotlight shining on Laura Rennert of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency!

Laura is simply one of the best agents around (and yes, she reps Austin’s very own P.J. Hoover!), and I was delighted that she came to the 2011 Writers’ League of Texas Agents Conference as one of the featured agents. What a treat it was to have her at the conference! And we had a nice long chat over dinner — how fun was that!

Anyway, read all about her at Literary Rambles — and if you want to know more about children’s books, agents, and publishing, be sure to follow L.R.!